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adaptive function evaluation

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Updated 25 Jan 2017

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'adaptive.m' allows to efficiently sample a function using a reduced number of points. It works by iteratively adding new points where needed. It is especially useful for functions which are computationally intensive (e.g. involve solving a differential equation).
% using default options
[xi, yi] = adaptive(@(x) sin(x)*sin(2*x), [-20,20]);
% explicitly providing initial array an refinement option
f = @(x) exp(-x.^2/4).*sin(3*x);
[xi,yi] = adaptive(f, [ -5:5], 'minAngle',0.8*pi);

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Alberto Comin (2019). adaptive (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

Is there a multi-dimensional version of this?


If there going to be a 3D version?


fixed default settings

minor fixes

1) new default when called without optional arguments
2) it is now possible to provide a domain range instead of an initial array
3) new key-word argument 'nPoints'
4) now can return domain points and function values as two separate arrays.

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