Probabilistic Earthquake Location in 2D

Demonstrates the effect of data and model errors on the estimation of epicenter location.
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Demonstrates the effect of observation and velocity model errors on the estimation of epicenter location. Assumed data are single P-phase arrivals at each station. The method is based on forward modelling of hyperbolas and their joint likelihood.
eqX, eqX: true epicenter location (km)
staX, staY: station coordinates (km)
params: parameter object (see description below)
- figure of the used parabolas and the resulting spatial PDF of the epicenter
- error PDFs of the estimated magnitude, horizontal and vertical coordinates
This code was introduced in the following paper to demonstrate the effect of station distribution on magnitude errors.

Kamer & Hiemer (2015), Data-driven spatial b value estimation with applications to California seismicity: To b or not to b, JGR Solid Earth, doi:10.1002/2014JB011510.


1) Event at [10,10] using the default station distribution
probEqLoc2D(10, 10);

2) Same event with 3 stations
probEqLoc2D(10, 10, [10 20 30], [20 15 25]);

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