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Least Square Conformal Mapping (LSCM) - Texture Mapping

version (9.28 MB) by Duccio Mugnaini
Implementation of LSCM Texture Mapping in Matlab


Updated 13 Feb 2017

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.: Least Square Conformal Mapping - Texture Mapping Problem (LSCM-TMP) Package :.
The package comprises a library of routine written in Matlab to solve Texture Mapping problem.
Soon deeper description.

.: Coding (Matlab):.
From a programmers' perspective, this example illustrates how to use:
- OOP (;
- Advance use of plot properties (;

.: References :.
Bruno Lévy et al. Least Squares Conformal Maps for Automatic Texture Atlas Generation.

.: Other :.
If you consider to use this library in your work you are kindly requested to mention this repository in your work.
If you find any kind of error or simply you have some questions, please contact me immediately at: duccio.mugnaini[at]
Many thanks in advance,
Duccio Mugnaini.

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Duccio Mugnaini (2021). Least Square Conformal Mapping (LSCM) - Texture Mapping (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Duccio Mugnaini

Yes :) you can refer to mainTriangolation.m and mainTriangolationGRID.m where you can set the experiment parameters in the "input parameters" section. In particoular:
% assign label for each triangle and vertices
labelling = false;
% select id example
exampleID = 10;

xiaofan zhang

there are also some examples in the function tab of this webpage, thanks a lot

xiaoyu huang

hong tianhao

after i added them in my workpath , how to use the toolbox?

hong tianhao

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