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Fixed Capacitor Thyristor Controlled Reacter (FCTCR) for reactive power compensation

version (38.9 KB) by Niranjan Bhujel
It compensates reactive power by changing effective reactance by varying firing angle of thyristor.


Updated 09 Aug 2017

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It first measures system voltage and current supplied by source. Then, ir calculates reactive power supplied by source. It compares this reactive power with zero and error is passed to PI controller which calculates firing angle. Firing signal of calculated firing angle is calculated and thyristor is fired at required angle. FCTCR generates(or consumes) required amount of reactive power.

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naa Zayn

how to tune PI controller and how is the firing pulse generated? can anyone explain me in brief?

Krunal Shah

can anyone please share the method for tuning of PI controller for FC-TCR

Jah Shakya

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