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density plot


Updated 23 Nov 2017

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This function is used to make density plot of scatter point data, which is based on build-in function hist3 in matlab. So the inputs of the function densityplot can refer to hist3. Some examples are given as below:
x = randn(2048, 1);
y = randn(2048, 1);
x(1:512) = x(1:512) + 2.75;
x(1537:2048) = x(1537:2048) + 2.75;
y(1025:2048) = y(1025:2048) + 2.75;
densityplot(x, y, [20,20]);
The advantage of this function is the high efficiency and its code is very simple. You can modify it according to your own requirement. Enjoy.

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Changyong He (2021). densityplot(x,y,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (6)

Matej Skrobot

Jeffrey Levinton

I try this and get this message using densityplot:
unrecognized function or variable 'densityplot'.
As if it does not exist.

Noa Burshtein

Marcus Rosales

Thanks for the reply! I will try this out since I do have a university license and it seems to have more control of what I want to see.


I can't necessarily recommend this, since it functions off of hist3, which requires a license


Stunning! Thanks, Changyong.

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