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Updated 23 Jul 2020

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STARBOOK: a class to control the Vixen StarBook for telescope mounts.
StarBook, StarBook S and StarBook Ten are supported, to control
SX, SX2, SXD2, SXP, SXW, SXD and AXD mounts.
The mount should have been aligned and configured (date, location,
weighting)) before, and the StarBook IP should be read accessing the
'About STAR BOOK' menu item.
Then use e.g.:

sb = starbook('');

to establish the connection and display the StarBook screen.

The buttons are active in a similar way to the physical ones. The mouse
wheel allows to zoom in/out, and the display is regularly updated (5 sec).
You can access more actions from the top menu, and unactivate the

For testing purposes, you may open a simulated StarBook with:

sb = starbook('simulate');

or use 'simulate' as IP in the input dialogue.

starbook(ip): connect to a StarBook controller
gotoradec(sb, ra, dec): send StarBook to RA/DEC
move(sb, n,s,e,w): move the SB in given direction. Use stop to abort.
align(sb): align current coordinates to RA/DEC target
stop(sb): stop the mount (e.g. during move/gotoradec)
setspeed(sb): set the current zoom/mount speed 0:stop - 8:fast
image(sb): display the StarBook image (only for 320*240 screen)
home(sb): send the SB to its HOME position
help(sb): open the Help page
grid(sb): prepare a grid around target

Other minor commands
start(sb): set/reset the StarBook in SCOPE mode
getspeed(sb): return the current zoom/mount speed
getstatus(sb): update the StarBook state
getxy(sb): update motor coders
getscreen(sb): get the StarBook image as an RGB matrix
update(sb): update status and image
plot(sb): same as image(sb)
close(sb): close the screen view
web(sb): show the current target on
zoom(sb,{z}): get/set the zoom level. z can be 'in','out' or in 0-8
date(sb): get the starbook date/time
chart(sb): open skychart (when available)

urldownload : version 1.0 (9.81 KB) by Jaroslaw Tuszynski, 23 Feb 2016

rubytelescopeserver: Rob Burrowes 2013

(c) E. Farhi, GPL2 - version 18.08.10

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Emmanuel Farhi (2023). Vixen StarBook control (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Versions that use the GitHub default branch cannot be downloaded

Version Published Release Notes

added disp and display methods


now has option to automatically revert the mount and avoid USER state


now has a grid method to prepare panorama


can now go to a named object using: gotoradec('object_name')

improved plotting. Can use skychart when available.

fixes to some methods. Suppress auto-raise of the Screen view (annoying...).

To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.