A session manager (also with User Interface) saving working directory, path and editor files.
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A simple collection of functions useful to manager multiple projects. You can save, load your projects and switch between them. Every time you load a project, it reopens all your files into the editor and set current search path, granting you to start to code without reset all your environment stuff.
* Save and Load sessions, system wide or locally
* Switch session via command line
* User-friendly dialogs
* Name collision warnings
* A complete user interface to manage all sessions

Each session is saved in a .mat file with .msession extension in your %userpath% folder on you local machine. This guarantees a safe place for sessions regardless of your current working path. Each session file contains:
* Files opened in matlab editor
* Current directory path
* Current working path


type 'SessionManager' in console to open the user interface.
See html help for more details about access session manager function programmatically.

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Lorenzo C. (2024). SessionManager (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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Créé avec R2017a
Compatible avec toutes les versions
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Version Publié le Notes de version

Bugfix: absolute path recovering for linked sessions.

Bugfix: naming a session 'LOCAL SESSION' conflicts with local session list display.

Fixed new session button bug.

Minor bugfix - 'more' callback now show information about current local session instead to throw an session not found error.

Added a new complete user interface. Type 'SessionManager' to use it!

Added html online help files i forgot in previews releases

Fixed a collateral bug on search path loading (restoring path ignore changes in global matlab searchpath due new toolbox or delete toolbox or changed directories). Now the path will be loaded incrementally taking account of changes.

Description update.