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Digital Image Watermarking Using Optimised DWT & DCT

version 1.0.1 (1.83 MB) by Abhishek Gupta
This code is for the invisible digital image watermarking using combination of three methods: DWT, DCT, BFO


Updated 28 Sep 2018

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The digital image watermarking is based on the fact that a message is hide into the image such that image doesn’t get disturbed and message can be retrieved easily. The method should be robust. For this purpose, this repository is implementing the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and discrete cosine transform (DCT) in cascade so that more robustness and security can be achieved. These methods divide the image into different frequency regions so that watermark message can be embedded into lowest frequency region which will not disturb the image. DCT is applied first which is similar to Fourier transform and divides the image into two parts of lower and higher frequency region. Lower frequency region has most of the image information.

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