Efficient and stylish alternative to WAITBAR.
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WORKBAR Graphically monitors progress of calculations
WORKBAR(X) creates and displays the workbar with the fractional length
"X". It is an alternative to the built-in matlab function WAITBAR,
- Doesn't slow down calculations
- Stylish progress look
- Requires only a single line of code
- Displays time remaining
- Display time complete
- Capable of title and description
- Only one workbar can exist (avoids clutter)

WORKBAR(X, MESSAGE) sets the fractional length of the workbar as well as
setting a message in the workbar window.

WORKBAR(X, MESSAGE, TITLE) sets the fractional length of the workbar,
message and title of the workbar window.

WORKBAR is typically used inside a FOR loop that performs a lengthy
computation. A sample usage is shown below:

for i = 1:10000
% Calculation
workbar(i/10000,'Performing Calclations...','Progress')

Another example:

for i = 1:10000
% Calculation
if i < 2000,
workbar(i/10000,'Performing Calclations (Step 1)...','Step 1')
elseif i < 4000
workbar(i/10000,'Performing Calclations (Step 2)...','Step 2')
elseif i < 6000
workbar(i/10000,'Performing Calclations (Step 3)...','Step 3')
elseif i < 8000
workbar(i/10000,'Performing Calclations (Step 4)...','Step 4')
workbar(i/10000,'Performing Calclations (Step 5)...','Step 5')


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