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Contractive autoencoders

version 1.2.0 (44.5 KB) by BERGHOUT Tarek
in these codes a set of functions created to fully train a Contractive Autoencoder.


Updated 18 Apr 2019

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Contractive autoencoder CAE adds an explicit regularizer in their objective function that forces the model to learn a function that is robust to slight variations of input values. This regularizer corresponds to the Frobenius norm of the Jacobian matrix of the encoder activations with respect to the input. The CAE in this code uses Extreme Learning Machine to minimize the following objective function:

(The parameters of the function are explained inside the code).
The uploaded file contains:
1- An ordinary AE which can be used for comparison.
2- Contractive AE function.
3- Jacobian matrix function downloaded from this link :
4- Data normalization function.
To learn about the CAES you can start with this tutorial:

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Are you missing the test function?



some comments updated


the optimization equation is:B=pinv((H+lamda*norm((Dx'.*HT'),'fro'))') * X ;
and not H=radbas(H+lamda*norm((Dx'.*HT'),'fro'))'), am sorry ,it is corrected now .

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