Filtering, Detrending, and Windowing of a Signal

Zero-phase bandpass digital filter with detrending and windowing
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Process raw data with the following:-
-zero-phase bandpass digital filtering
-removing the straight-fit line from the data (detrending)
-windowing with tukey window
function Result=Filter_Detrend_Window(Sig,fs,fc1,fc2,orderh,orderl,taper)
Sig: input signal of size (N,n). N is signal length. n is the number of channels
fs: sampling frequency
fc1,fc2: filter cutoff frequencies for highpass and lowpass filters
orderh,orderl: filter orders for highpass and lowpass filters
taper: window taper ratio of tukey windowing (Typical 0.05)
Result: Processed signal of size (N,n)

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