Filter Designer

Helps determining the order of digital filters
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Helps determining the order of digital filters. Change the filter order to get suitable response. Supports butterworth and filtfilt filters.
function FilterDesigner(fc1,fc2,fs,type,orderh,orderl)
fc1: lower-bound cutoff frequency
fc2: upper-bound cutoff frequency
fs: sampling frequency
type: filter type 'butter' for butterworth, 'filtfilt' for filtfilt
orderh: filter order for high pass filter
orderl: filter order for low pass filter
Plots frequency response of the high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass filters.
Important Notes:
1-filtfilt filter here is assumed to be buttworth filter applied to the input data in both the forward and reverse directions to get rid of phase distortion.
2-After choosing the suitable filter order, apply the filter to your data using the following lines:
for butterworth:
[B1,A1] = butter(orderh,fc1/(fs/2),'high');
[B2,A2] = butter(orderl,fc2/(fs/2),'low');
yh=filter(B1,A1,x); %apply high-pass filter to the data
yl=filter(B2,A2,x); %apply low-pass filter to the data
y=filter(B2,A2,yh); %apply band-pass filter to the data
for filtfilt:
[B1,A1] = butter(orderh,fc1/(fs/2),'high');
[B2,A2] = butter(orderl,fc2/(fs/2),'low');
yh=filtfilt(B1,A1,x); %apply high-pass filter to the data
yl=filtfilt(B2,A2,x); %apply low-pass filter to the data
y=filtfilt(B2,A2,yh); %apply band-pass filter to the data
x: is the data vector.

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