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Sparse Autoencoder

version 1.2.0 (36.5 KB) by BERGHOUT Tarek
These codes returns a fully traned Sparse Autoencoder


Updated 10 Jul 2019

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I dedicate this work to my son ' BERGHOUT Loukmane '.
Sparse_AE: the function allows to train an Auto encoder In Sparse domain by solving L1 norm optimization problem. Optimization problem: min_B ||B||_1 subject to : H*B = X.
Where H: is the Sparse version hidden layer, B: is output weights matrix and X:is the Input.
the white gaussian noise generated from a random distribution must be added during training , To make the sparse hidden layer a full rank matrix otherwise, L1 norm optimization will never achieved (check the Sparse_AE function .
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you can also learn from this video tutorial:

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ok thanks for the advice

great job , I think that you need to add one more thing just to follow the norms,it is not that much of importance but you need to add it,the bias matrix



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