How to detect & localize a text in pdf using OCR in MATLAB

Using Python package - pdf2image convert the the pdf to image Using OCR in MATLAB to detect & localize the text


Updated 16 Jul 2019

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Using OCR to detect and localize text is simple in MATLAB. However, it is only workable if your input is image format (jpg,png) but not pdf. Hence, we are going to convert the pdf to image. However, up to MATLAB version R2019a, It don't have any built-in function to convert pdf to image. For this example, i am going to use a python package pdf2image help us to convert pdf to image. There are no conflicts using MATLAB or Python. If there is something working better in Python, we can collaborate both platform (MATLAB and Python) through MATLAB Api to complete our objective.

Highlights :
Execute python user-defined function from MATLAB
Detect and Localize a text in pdf

Product Focus :
Computer Vision Toolbox

Written at 16 July 2019

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Kevin Chng (2023). How to detect & localize a text in pdf using OCR in MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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