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version 1.0.0 (406 KB) by Laurent NEVOU
Computes the gain from interband laser diode


Updated 01 Apr 2021

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Computes the gain from interband laser diode based on the Fermi distribution and the material parameters.

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Laurent NEVOU (2021). LaserDiode_Gain (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Laurent NEVOU

@Saroj Kanta,
In that model, there is no need to specify the barrier material.
-> The thickness Lqw of the QW (line 32) scale the amplitude of the gain when computing the capacity of the QW.
-> The energy at which the maximum gain occur is set by the bandgap energy Eg (line 38) of the material used in the QW.

If you want to add a confinement energy from the QW, you have to:
1) compute the Schrodinger equation to find out what is the confinement in the conduction and the valence band
2) add those 2 confinement energy to Eg (line 38)

伟 张

Nice work! But I have the same question as Saroj kanta Patra, how to change the barrier material?

Saroj Kanta Patra

A well-written program indeed. But while calculating gain of a QW, where to specify the barrier material?

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