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Lichtenberg Algorithm (LA)

version 8.0.0 (355 KB) by PEREIRA, J. L. J.
This is a novel global optimization algorithm called Lichtenberg Algorithm (LA).


Updated 17 Jun 2021

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This is a novel global optimization algorithm called Lichtenberg Algorithm (LA), inspired by the Lichtenberg figures patterns. Actual problems may be multimodal, nonlinear, and discontinuous and may not be minimized by classical analytical methods that depend on the gradient. In this context there are metaheuristics algorithms inspired by natural phenomena to optimize real problems. There is no algorithm that is the worst or the best, but more efficient for a given type of problem. Thus, an unprecedented metaheuristic algorithm was created inspired by the physical phenomenon of radial intra-cloud lightning and Lichtenberg figures, successfully exploiting the fractal power and it is different from many in the literature as it is a hybrid algorithm composed of methods of search based on population and trajectory. LA shown to be a powerful optimization tool for both unconstraint optimizations and real problems with linear and nonlinear constraints.

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Pereira, João Luiz Junho, et al. “Lichtenberg Algorithm: A Novel Hybrid PHYSICS-Based Meta-Heuristic For Global Optimization.” Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier BV, Dec. 2020, p. 114522, doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2020.114522.

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