Aggregate 2D Packing Generator

Aggregate 2D packing generator used for the simulation of aggregate in composites
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Aggregate 2D packing generator used for the simulation of aggregate in composites. It can be used especially for meso-scale analysis of concrete and asphalt composites .Example files are provided for the simulation of aggregate in notched beam section "Example_Beam.m" and cylinder section "Example_Cylinder.m"
1-function Classes=Particles_Generation(x,y,Classes_diameters,Alpha,m,Particle_ratio)
Generates aggregates according to Fuller's curve.
Plots generated sieve curve.
Generates aggregate with ellipses shapes
4-function Plot_Ellipses(Ellipses,x,y)
Plots ellipses
where the variables defined as:
x,y: as vectors defining the specimen dimension. x and y are vectors defining a polygon section.
Classes_diameters: Particles classes diameters vector (descendingly)
Alpha: Fuller's curve exponent [0.45-0.5].
m: Particles shape distribution factor. m=1 for circles and m>>1 for elongated ellipses shapes.
Particle_ratio: Particles ratio of the total area including the smaller particles not simulated in the analysis. ranges [0.6-0.9] for portland cement concrete and about 0.9 for asphalt concrete.
er: Spacing factor between particles to avoid contact [0.05-0.1].
Classes: A variable containing generated particles and not yet packed into specimen
Ellipses: (N*5) array. each column represent:
(:,1): radius of ellipses at direction 1
(:,2): radius of ellipses at direction 2
(:,3): x-cooridante of centroid
(:,4): y-coordinate of centroid
(:,5): Inclination angle
Important Notes:
1-the function overlap.m should detect intersection between two ellipses but it does not work correctly. The ellipses are still seperated using the bounding box overlap check.
2-particle_diameter.m equation is derived based on ellipsoids not ellipses in Unger paper[1].
[1] Unger, Jörg F., and Stefan Eckardt. "Multiscale modeling of concrete." Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering18.3 (2011): 341.
[2] Choi, Y-K., et al. "Continuous collision detection for two moving elliptic disks." IEEE Transactions on Robotics 22.2 (2006): 213-224.

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