Generate Thick Fibers

Generate random fibers taking into account fibers diameters
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This tool generates randomly oriented fibers. The algorithm takes into account fibers diameters for ovelap checking with other fibers. Example files are provided for the simulation of notched beam "Example_Beam.m" ,cylinder "Example_Cylinder.m", and cube "Example_Cube.m".
[Nodes_Fibers, Fibers]=Generate_Fiber(x,y,z,L,N,DFiber,Orientation,Ndiv);
x,y,z: as vectors defining the specimen dimension. x and z are vectors defining a polygon section in xz plane and y=[ymin ymax] is boundaries of the extrusion of the polygon
L: Length of fibers
N: Number of fibers
DFiber: Diameter of fibers
Orientation: can be either:-
-For aligned fibers Orientation=[l m n] where l,m, and n are the direction cosines of the fibers orientation in x,y, and z directions, respectively.
- For random fibers Orientation=[] (empty)
Ndiv: Number of fiber mesh divisions
Nodes_Fibers: ((Ndiv+1)*N,3) matrix of fibers nodes coordinates.
Fibers: (N,2) matrix of the two nodes indices connecting each fiber segment.
[1] Unger, Jörg F., and Stefan Eckardt. "Multiscale modeling of concrete." Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering18.3 (2011): 341.
[2] Fang, Qin, and Jinhua Zhang. "Three-dimensional modelling of steel fiber reinforced concrete material under intense dynamic loading." Construction and Building Materials 44 (2013): 118-132.
[3] Islam, Mohammad, Gregory J. Tudryn, and Catalin R. Picu. "Microstructure modeling of random composites with cylindrical inclusions having high volume fraction and broad aspect ratio distribution." Computational Materials Science 125 (2016): 309-318.

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