Crop and pad a matrix

Crop and pad a 2d matrix or image into a desired width and height
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CROPANDPADMATRIX pads or crops a matrix into desierd width and height
X = CROPANDPADMATRIX(MAT,OUTWIDTH, OUTHEIGHT) pads MAT, with zeros or crops the matrix,
while keeping the matrix in the middle and outputs a new matrix x with dimention
[outHeightxoutWidth]. MAT may be a cell array of matrecies, in which case,
X will be [h,w,c] array where h is the height, w is width and c is the
number of matrecies in the MAT. If the matrix is empry CropAndPadMatrix(MAT,WIDTH ,HEIGHT)
returns and zero matrix with size [HEIGHT,WIDTH].
CropAndPadMatrix(rand(5,10), 100, 10)
CropAndPadMatrix(rand(5,50), 10, 10)
CropAndPadMatrix([], 10, 10)
CropAndPadMatrix({rand(5,10),rand(51,12)}, 10, 10)

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