Segmentation of neurons in microscopy images

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Set up, train and apply a neural network for segmentation of neurons in microscopy images.
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Quick start:
0. Set network and training parameters in Params.m.
1. Prepare input and output images:
Im_In = {Im_In_1,Im_In_2,Im_In_3};
Im_Out = {Im_Out_1,Im_Out_2,Im_Out_3};
2. Generate training set:
3. Train:
net = Train;
4. Apply the trained network to an image:
[Im_Out,Im_Label] = Segment_Neuron(net,Im_In_4);
* Example raw and annotated neuron images can be found in this paper [1].
* An example pre-trained network is included.
* Please cite this paper [1].
Advanced options:
- Control sample size (see "Input_Size" in Params.m).
- Control class weights during training (see "Class_Weights" in Params.m).
- Control the minimum number of neuron pixels in training samples (see "Functions" block in Params.m).
- You can generate the training set locally and train on another machine (see "Paths" block in Params.m).

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Omer Yuval (2024). Segmentation of neurons in microscopy images (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

Yuval, Omer, et al. “Neuron Tracing and Quantitative Analyses of Dendritic Architecture Reveal Symmetrical Three-Way-Junctions and Phenotypes of Git-1 in C. Elegans.” PLOS Computational Biology, edited by Hugues Berry, vol. 17, no. 7, Public Library of Science (PLoS), July 2021, p. e1009185, doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1009185.

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