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Edgar Guevara is currently a CONACYT research fellow at CIACYT-UASLP. His research areas are optical imaging, functional connectivity, spectroscopy and biomedical signal processing. His current research interests are in non-invasive medical diagnosis. His past work includes research in epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injury and white matter injury in newborns. He received his PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal in 2014, with a special mention of the jury.


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Why isn't my line visible on this graph?
Hi lmhall, The circle should be defined as a function of a vector (small *t*), not the 2-Dgrid (capital *T*), so, pleace repl...

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Matlab jokes or puns
parfor iDishes=1:nDishes, do_the_dishes(); end

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