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How to tell if a function was called from within Matlab or from system?
I've been running Matlab code on a high performance cluster, but while debugging it is useful to run it in an interactive matlab...

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Change the value of a matrix according to the indexes stored in another one.
You probably want to get the index as a linear subscript instead of row,column, then index a vectorized version of your original...

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how to install glmnet package in Matlab?
I can confirm that this works on Matlab 2019a, but it requires a fortran compiler (I used Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019, which u...

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Weighted fit using fmincon
I am trying to fit a logistic function to some data, and I've been using fmincon with success. One thing that I would like to im...

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Non-numeric data type using fit function
This is driving me crazy, I'm just trying to fit a gaussian curve to some data using Matlab's fit function (r2017a). gaussEqn =...

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