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is it possible to make "Sequence-to-Sequence Classification" using custom CNN network?
If so , how to create a sequence datastore and what`s the dataformat of the corresponding dlarray object?

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SequenceinputLayer and Convolution2dLayer
It`s recommended to transform your data to formatted dlarray objects at first. As for the dlarray object, you can refer to this...

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using predictAndUpdateState with an LSTM with featureInputLayer
LSTM requires somelike "timeseries" data while "featureInputLayer" is not along with that.Yo ucan refer to this answer: https:/...

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Does the input size of sequenceInputLayer have to be set 1?
Becasue the input sequence data is a 1 by 10 double.It menas each time you take 1 token out of the sequence.

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