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Requirements Toolbox: Enforce uniqueness for custom IDs?
We do not have any built-in mechanism for enforcing uniqueness of Custom ID values. Our links rely on SIDs, and those are automa...

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Requirements Toolbox: Problems when modifying linked MATLAB code
Adi, We do support linking from MATLAB lines to Requirements Toolbox or to externally managed requirements. Linked ranges shoul...

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How to import requirements from tables in Word
The example document attached here has no outline headings. Therefore, our Product has no way to know which parts of the table b...

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Including requirement information in simulink requirement report when using doors next generation
I am sorry, RptgenRMI.doorsAttribs() does not cover DNG domain, and this is not solved in 20a or 20b. We will create an Enhance...

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Incorrect RequirementInfo Formatting from ''Requirements Summary Table'' slreportgen component
Yes, this is a bug in the Product. I have just created a formal record (g2206550) and will be nominating it for next update of ...

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Simulink Requirement Editor: Indentation of Requirements upon importing them from Excel
Stefan, Thank you for posted question and detailed explanation. I think you are on the right path: REGEXP option should help. ...

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Why do I get a "Failed to navigate link" error when Navigate from a Simulink Object to a Requirement via the DOORs Surrogate Module
This is a known bug, introduced in 14a and fixed in 14b. To repair DOORS surrogate navigation in your installed MATLAB, put t...

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