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hi im working on power allocation for dynamic user in NOMA. can anyone had code?
Hi, There are a number of power allocation schemes based on certain specification like maximizing sum rate, energy efficiency e...

presque 2 ans ago | 0

Need Response related to NOMA (non orthogonal multiple access )
You can refer this post for receiver side implementation of SIC.

environ 2 ans ago | 2

Who has the code for successive interference cancellation by decoding the signal.~
You can find a MATLAB code for simulating the outage probability and BER of a two user NOMA network using successive interferenc...

environ 2 ans ago | 0

Matlab code for SIC (successive Interference cancellation) at receiver
Considering a two user NOMA system where user 1 is allocated high power and user 2 is allocated less power, successive interfere...

environ 2 ans ago | 4

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hi, I am new to NOMA (Non-orthogonal multiple access) for 5G domain. Can you please help me with basic code for NOMA
You can find a sample code and explanation for NOMA in this link

environ 2 ans ago | 3