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Unrecognized function or variable 'x'. Error in circular (line 3) if x == 'C' Error in mainapp (line 7) circular;
Your issue is that you have not told MATLAB what x is. Your function circular as it is written above has no idea what x, even if...

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How to generate iid Gaussian noise vector
For your particular example as your covariance is idenity and your mean 0, this is a mulitvariate standard normal distrbuiton: ...

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Is there a way to compute average norm after a series of trials?
I am a bit confused by your question, as is not defined. If you want to run your algorithim for a set number of randomly genera...

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How can I read big-endian binary files with embedded coder?
I have a function in MATLAB that I am using to read some legacy binary files that use Big-endian format for bit ordering. It con...

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Sum of diagonal of a square matrix
If x = [1 2 4; 3 4 5; 5 6 7] then y should be the sum of the diagonals of the matrix y = 1 + 4 + 7 = 12

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