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Try this: s = shaperead('concord_shapes.shp','UseGeoCoords',true)

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How can I acquire position data from an encoder?
For my senior project we need to use two encoders to track the vertical and horizontal position of a device. I'm a mechanical en...

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How can i measure length interactively in axes in gui?
You should be able to use something like this: figure; axis manual ruler = imline(gca); % Get original positio...

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How can I sort a string both alphabetically and numerically?
I'm using a list box that displays the names of the shapes I am storing in a shapefile. I'm using the sort function to list the...

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how do you hide an output?
Might try this: [junk, name]=strtok(file(3),'_p'); [right,name]=strtok(name,'_p'); [left,name]=strtok(name,'_V'); ...

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Simple program with a formula
function xyz x = uicontrol('style','edit','units','normalized',... 'position',[.18 .5 .2 .2],'callback...

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% Intial value of a a = 2; setappdata(0,'a',a) %%%%%%%%%%%%% setappdata(0,'a',a+1) % Put this part within the callba...

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How can I load a GUI into another GUI?
If you design the GUI programmatically, this should be possible, but with GUIDE I don't think so.

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how to use fprintf in string command
fprintf('%g',[xopt Fopt])

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Exchanging data between different GUI
If you set and get the app data from the root instead of from an individual GUI, all the others GUI figures should be able to se...

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