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dotReference with matrix indexing and "end" keyword
Hi Cole, This is a good question. As you noted, end will create a call to dotReference because of the syntax present in your e...

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Workaround for unsupported MATLAB Coder operators subsref/subsasgn
Hi Ulrich, Unfortunately, as you noted, MATLAB Coder does not support subsref or subsasgn. MATLAB Coder has a limited set of s...

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How to achieve autocompletion for "fake" properties of class inheriting from matlab.mixin.indexing.RedefinesDot
Hi Eivind, Currently, tab completion does not support properties for classes which inherit from RedefinesDot. One reason is be...

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Recovering the built-in empty functionality when empty() is overloaded
Unfortunately, this can't be done using RedefinesParen with default property indexing. When you use the RedefinesParen mixin, y...

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Can I find out if a class is an abstract class before trying to instantiate it?
You can create a simple function to do this: function tf = isClassAbstract(className) tf = meta.class.fromName(className)....

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Find the alphabetic word product
If the input string s is a word like 'hello', then the output word product p is a number based on the correspondence a=1, b=2, ....

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Elapsed Time
Given two date strings d1 and d2 of the form yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS (assume hours HH is in 24 hour mode), determine how much time, ...

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