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How to use context menu for app designer
There is an easy work around that I use for dynamically built interfaces that you may use here. Simply assign the target compon...

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How to get handle from currently running app made in App Designer?
In appdesigner, simply set the top most UIfigure (not the app) Name in IDENTIFIERS to something not too complex such as 'Login' ...

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Mask Password with asterisk in edit field used in app designer
Matt Stead has a really good answer. For App designer, I had to do some modifications. % add to your edit field the Value chang...

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How to move figure window to front of all programs?
This question is ambiguous, but I think what "most people" would be looking for searching for an answer to this question are the...

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Save / Load a uitree object from app designer
Easiest is to clear the current tree and then define the parent of the nodes as the current tree. RM children_nodes = app.Tree...

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