Mihaela Duta

University of Oxford, Department of Experimental Psychology

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I am a researcher in the Oxford University Babylab working on neuro-computational models for language mediated attention in infancy.

More details about my work and experience at


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Clarifications of some aspects related to neural network incremental training
From the Mathworks documentation I understand that there are two training functions available for incremental learning: # _tr...

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how to get psychtoolbox to wait for keypress but move on if it hasn't recieved one in a set time
There are some missing details in the specification given in the question, so I am going to make the following assumptions: *...

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Overlay visual stimuli on to a video
If you need an image with transparent background, you can create it in other packages, for example < GIMP> ...

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compiler issue - 'Dependecy problem'
You get the dependency error because portaudio dll file cannot be found. This can be fixed with the following steps: * Inside...

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Finding coordinates of a rectangle in a picture
I would suggest to use an image processing package to identify the areas of interest in your picture. You can use Adobe Photosho...

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