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App Designer - Screen resolution
Hi Gabriella, I used to have exact same problem but eventually could solve it. What I think should be better documented is th...

presque 3 ans ago | 0

How do i add search functionality into my drop down menu in my GUI?
You can add en uieditfield called MyEditField to your app and for that apply a "ValueChanging" callback to be able to search you...

plus de 3 ans ago | 0

how can open word file in Matlab and write data in word file
You can use DOM (Document Object Model) which is available with "Matlab Report Generator". Idea is that you write your document ...

plus de 3 ans ago | 0


exist(x,'dir') slow for unavailable network drives
I use exist(x,'dir') to check existence of a directory x. My problem is that checking existence of an address on a network drive...

plus de 3 ans ago | 1 answer | 0