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Martin Vatshelle

Octio AS

Last seen: plus d'un an ago Active since 2015

Mathematician and computer scientist, now working as a geophycisist.

Skilled in programming in Java and MatLab.


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Convert string to cell array
If you have a mix of text and numbers textscan as suggested by Geoff is a good solution. If you only have text strsplit does ex...

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Distance of Latlon based locations in an array
You should not use normal distance for lat-lon points. The reason is that for latitude 1 degree is approximately the same distan...

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Given an instance of a class (without knowing class name), how to call the constructor?
I have made a minimal example trying to implement a clone method classdef Person properties name; id; ...

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Too many input arguments
You are right, when you call a method of an object with the . notation, that object is considered as the first input. This is no...

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datestr: What is the expected behaviour?
The normal behaviour is: datestr(datenum('1408260615','yymmddHHMM',1990)) -> 26-Aug-2014 06:15:00 On faulty input the co...

environ 7 ans ago | 0 answers | 0