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Error when taking mean of generated random variables with gamma distribution.
you defined mean = 1. Then you try to use it as a function :)

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Collect double values of a matrix
hmm well to count occurences you could somehow use a hashmap containers.Map in matlab. that would be efficient.

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how to plot Integrate of exponent and cosine equation.
you can try something like this syms tau t f = exp(-t/tau).*cos(t+1) func = int(f,t,0,1) x = 0.01:.01:10; y = subs(func, x)...

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How to remove the integration constants from the integrated random signal ?
hmm.. are you trying to compute an indefinite integral?

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Variable updates for a brief moment before returning to the original value.
hmm you might want to use '< handle' if you want to make changes to an object within a method.

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