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Jean-Luc Dellis


Last seen: environ un mois il y a Actif depuis 2007

Retired researcher in the condensed matter laboratory of Amiens


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[pbest, SD] = easyfit(x, y, pinit, fhandle)
EASYFIT finds the parameters P of a function y = fun(p,x) which models experimental data (x,y) as well as possible.

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ZFIT is a function which can PLOT, SIMULATE and FIT impedance data

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ZfitGUI creates a figure with uimenus devoted to process impedance data

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In the current figure, you have to click twice. The function will display the slope and the intercept of the drawn line in a te...

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GETTHETANGENT returns the slope and the intercept of the tangent to a curve.

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extracts data from a matrix following a value condition

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