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Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

environ un mois ago

how to find the first date of each month between years?
years = transpose(2000:2008); months = transpose(1:12); [row1,col1] = size(years); [row2,col2] = size(months); ...

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Save Struct to Excel file
Since you said you were new I'm assuming you couldn't extract the tables before writing to an excel file. For instance you could...

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Faster ways to deal with bigger data (1 to 10 TB ish)
There are some thousands of large .csv files (each is 8 GB max.) that I absolutely have to read top to bottom to do basic operat...

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how can I convert units to SI Units
Say you have the values; matrix_of_interest = [986 120 0; 981 -60 0; 984 -60 0] You need to multiply grams with 1/1000 to ge...

environ 2 mois ago | 0

Write function that returns true if (inputmatrix > 0)
The (i,i) part of the problem is probably a typo, can you ask for clarafication and report back? I don't see how that would be u...

environ 2 mois ago | 1

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How to create this matrix not using loops and if/else statements?
number_of_columns = 5; number_of_rows = 10; % you can change this to N first_column = zeros(nu...

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Why does the unique() function give an unexpected extra output here?
I'm trying to find the unique elements inside a string array (attached, "datestrings_of_problem_times.mat"). When I run this (...

environ 2 mois ago | 1 answer | 0