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Combinatorial optimization, computer vision, investment management, algorithmic trading


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Copying and pasting data from one excel worksheet to another or from the workspace to an existing worksheet
I find the spreadsheet link toolbox pretty handy Initialize the link, ...

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remove the colored scratches from this image
Try median filtering only on points segmented by color.. In a blunt quick pass, I was able to fade away the blue and the red li...

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Surf rotation/size
axis vis3d

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produce combination one by one error
For n=32 and newn=31, indices should be a 32x31 matrix; you should not get an "out of memory" error. For different values of n ...

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Creating a variable with if statement
Just eliminate the entries you don't want: y=x; y(y>=6)=[]; Or, if you want to maintain the size and class (vector), NaN: y=x; ...

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