Authoring of AUTOSAR systems and application software


  • Develop AUTOSAR systems and software descriptions efficiently
  • Employ AUTOSAR methodology and other standards
  • Use ISOLAR-A via GUI, command line, and user scripts
  • Supports AUTOSAR R4.x system authoring
  • Supports AUTOSAR basic SW configuration


ISOLAR-A is an AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) system authoring tool to design automotive system applications for powertrain, body control module, active safety, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The AUTOSAR platform allows customers to seamlessly integrate Embedded Coder® into a generated XML file format (.arxml); with ISOLAR-A, customers can define system level interfaces in the same XML file format (.arxml) and export to Embedded Coder and Simulink®

By using AUTOSAR’s standardized XML file format (.arxml), ISOLAR-A greatly facilitates the connection to configuration and version management systems. ISOLAR-A is based on the data model of the open Artop platform, the de facto standard for AUTOSAR tool interoperability; this has a number of advantages for users. For example, new AUTOSAR releases are supported very quickly with low-level editors for all of AUTOSAR’s features; this is in addition to ISOLAR-A’s specific editors that offer higher levels of abstraction.

As part of a complete AUTOSAR solution, ISOLAR-A easily integrates with other AUTOSAR compliant tools from ETAS, or third-party vendors. In particular, ISOLAR-A seamlessly integrates with ETAS RTA-RTE and ETAS RTA-OS products that are proven in use in more than one billion ECUs.

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