Build, run, and test real-time applications

Simulink Real-Time™ lets you create real-time applications from Simulink® models and run them on dedicated target computer hardware connected to your physical system. It supports real-time simulation and testing, including rapid control prototyping, DSP and vision system prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation.

With Simulink Real-Time you can extend your Simulink models with driver blocks, automatically generate real-time applications, define instrumentation, and perform interactive or automated runs on a dedicated target computer equipped with a real-time kernel, multicore CPU, I/O and protocol interfaces, and FPGAs.

Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat target computer hardware are expressly designed to work together to create real-time systems for desktop, lab, and field environments. 

CPU, FPGA, and I/O Solutions for Real-Time Simulation


Setting Up the Real-Time Simulation and Testing Environment

Set up and configure a development computer, Speedgoat target computer hardware, and your physical system.

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Selecting the Speedgoat Target Computer Hardware

Simulate and test your systems with a dedicated Speedgoat target computer system with CPU, I/O, and protocol interface hardware.

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Creating and Controlling a Real-Time Application

Extend your model with driver blocks, make signal connections between blocks, and initiate the real-time application build. Monitor the application and view signal values and traces.

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Instrumenting a Real-Time Application

Tune parameters and display or log signals of interest. Identify parameters to tune or signals to observe either by navigating the model hierarchy or via preconfigured groups.

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Defining Concurrent Execution for a Real-Time Application

Create high-performance applications by using concurrent execution so you can run more code within a specified sample time.

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Creating a Standalone Real-Time Application

Create a standalone application with an integrated Simulink Real-Time kernel, so that when your computer is turned on, the real-time application starts executing automatically.

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Using Reconfigurable FPGA I/O Modules

Leverage FPGA hardware in the target computer system for specialized reconfigurable I/O or algorithm acceleration of parts of your real-time application.

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