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Synchronization and Receiver Design

Carrier frequency and phase recovery, timing frequency and phase recovery, AGC, I/Q imbalance compensation, and phase-locked loops

Model and simulate front-end receiver and synchronization components, including AGC, I/Q imbalance correction, DC blocking, and timing and carrier synchronization.


iqcoef2imbalConvert compensator coefficient to amplitude and phase imbalance
iqimbal2coefConvert I/Q imbalance to compensator coefficient
channelDelayChannel timing delay


comm.AGCAdaptively adjust gain for constant signal level output
comm.CarrierSynchronizerCompensate for carrier frequency offset
comm.SymbolSynchronizerCorrect symbol timing clock skew
comm.PreambleDetectorDetect preamble in data
comm.CoarseFrequencyCompensatorCompensate for frequency offset of PAM, PSK, or QAM signal
comm.IQImbalanceCompensatorCompensate for I/Q imbalance
comm.DiscreteTimeVCOGenerate variable frequency sinusoid
comm.GMSKTimingSynchronizerRecover symbol timing phase using fourth-order nonlinearity method
comm.MSKTimingSynchronizerRecover symbol timing phase using fourth-order nonlinearity method


AGCAdaptively adjust gain for constant signal-level output
Carrier SynchronizerCompensate for carrier frequency offset
Symbol SynchronizerCorrect symbol timing clock skew
Preamble DetectorDetect preamble in data packet
Coarse Frequency CompensatorCompensate for carrier frequency offset for PAM, PSK, or QAM
I/Q Compensator Coefficient to ImbalanceConvert compensator coefficient into amplitude and phase imbalance
I/Q Imbalance Compensator Compensate for imbalance between in-phase and quadrature components
I/Q Imbalance to Compensator CoefficientConverts amplitude and phase imbalance into I/Q compensator coefficient
Discrete-Time VCO(To be removed) Implement voltage-controlled oscillator in discrete time
MSK-Type Signal Timing RecoveryRecover symbol timing phase using fourth-order nonlinearity method
Baseband PLL(To be removed) Implement baseband phase-locked loop
Charge Pump PLL(To be removed) Implement charge pump phase-locked loop using digital phase detector
Continuous-Time VCO(To be removed) Implement voltage-controlled oscillator
Linearized Baseband PLL(To be removed) Implement linearized version of baseband phase-locked loop
Phase-Locked Loop(To be removed) Implement phase-locked loop to recover phase of input signal


Synchronization Fundamentals



  • MSK Signal Recovery
    This model shows how channel impairments such as timing phase offset, carrier frequency offset, and phase offset for a minimum shift keying (MSK) signal are modeled.