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Radio Management

Configure radio using block and System object™ settings

Before transmitting and receiving radio signals, first apply radio hardware parameters and tune radio properties.


captureCapture RF signal data using USRP radio (depuis R2023b)
setsdruipSet IP address for USRP radio
infoUSRP radio information
referenceLockedStatusLock status of USRP radio to 10 MHz clock signal (depuis R2021a)
gpsLockedStatusLock status of GPSDO to GPS constellation (depuis R2021a)
getRadioTimeGet current USRP radio time (depuis R2023b)


comm.SDRuReceiverReceive data from USRP device
comm.SDRuTransmitter Send data to USRP device


SDRu ReceiverReceive data from USRP device
SDRu TransmitterSend data to USRP device


Résolution des problèmes

Common Problems and Fixes

Describes the most common errors encountered with Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP Radio and how to fix them.