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USRP radio information

Add-On Required: This feature requires the Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio add-on.



radioSettings = info(radio) returns a structure array containing the current radio settings for the USRP™ radio hardware associated with the SDRu System object™ radio.


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Use the info object function to get information from a connected B210 radio. The function shows the actual values for the radio. These values can vary slightly from the values specified in the object.

radio = comm.SDRuTransmitter(Platform ="B210",SerialNum ="31B92DD");
radio.CenterFrequency = 912.3456e6;
radio.LocalOscillatorOffset = 1000;
radio.Gain = 8.3;
radio.MasterClockRate = 10.56789e6;
radio.InterpolationFactor = 510;
ans = struct with fields:
                    Mboard: 'B210'
                  RXSubdev: 'FE-RX2'
                  TXSubdev: 'FE-TX2'
    MinimumCenterFrequency: 4.4716e+07
    MaximumCenterFrequency: 6.0053e+09
               MinimumGain: 0
               MaximumGain: 89.7500
                  GainStep: 0.2500
           CenterFrequency: 9.1235e+08
     LocalOscillatorOffset: -999.7189
                      Gain: 8.2500
           MasterClockRate: 1.0568e+07
       InterpolationFactor: 512
        BasebandSampleRate: 2.0640e+04

Input Arguments

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USRP radio, specified as a comm.SDRuTransmitter or comm.SDRuReceiver System object. This radio must be connected to the host computer.

Output Arguments

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Synchronized radio settings information between the System object and the associated USRP radio hardware, returned as a structure array.

The information returned varies depending on the type of the USRP device.

If no settings information is found or System object is not associated with a USRP radio attached to the host, info returns an empty structure.


  • The actual radio computed value can differ from the setting you specify. To confirm that the actual radio computed value is close enough to your specified setting, use the info function.

Version History

Introduced in R2011b

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