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Code Generation with Workflow Advisor

Use Workflow Advisor to generate HDL code from MATLAB® code

You can use the HDL Coder app to launch the Workflow Advisor and generate HDL code and synthesize your MATLAB algorithm on the target device. For an example, see Basic HDL Code Generation and FPGA Synthesis from MATLAB.


HDL Coder Generate HDL code from MATLAB code


codegenGenerate HDL code from MATLAB code
coder.configCreate HDL Coder code generation configuration objects
hdlcoder.CodingStandardCreate HDL coding standard customization object
hdlsetuptoolpathSet up system environment to access FPGA synthesis software


coder.HdlConfigHDL codegen configuration object


Workflows in HDL Workflow Advisor

Learn about the HDL Workflow Advisor and various workflows you can choose and platforms you can target.

HDL Workflow Advisor

Overview of the HDL Workflow Advisor

Create and Set Up Your Project

At the MATLAB command line, enter:

Generate Instantiable Code for Functions

You can use the Generate instantiable code for functions option to generate a VHDL® entity or Verilog® module for each function.

Featured Examples