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Map data with keys that index values

A dictionary is a data structure that associates each key with a corresponding value. Keys and values can be of any data type, providing more flexibility for data access than array indices and improved performance.

dictionary is recommended over containers.Map because it supports more data types as keys and values and provides better performance. (depuis R2022b)


dictionaryObject that maps unique keys to values (depuis R2022b)
configureDictionaryCreate dictionary with specified key and value types (depuis R2023b)
insertAdd entries to a dictionary (depuis R2023b)
lookupFind value in dictionary by key (depuis R2023b)
removeRemove dictionary entries (depuis R2023b)
entriesKey-value pairs of dictionary (depuis R2022b)
keysKeys of dictionary (depuis R2022b)
valuesValues of dictionary (depuis R2022b)
typesTypes of dictionary keys and values (depuis R2022b)
numEntriesNumber of key-value pairs in dictionary (depuis R2022b)
isConfiguredDetermine if dictionary has types assigned to keys and values (depuis R2022b)
isKeyDetermine if dictionary contains key (depuis R2022b)
keyHashGenerate hash code for dictionary key (depuis R2022b)
keyMatchDetermine if two dictionary keys are the same (depuis R2022b)


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containers.MapObject that maps unique keys to values