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Refresh charted data



refreshdata updates charted data in the current figure to reflect changes in workspace variables. Before using refreshdata, you must first set the data source properties (for example, XDataSource) of the charts. The function evaluates these data sources before updating the charts.


refreshdata(target) updates charted data in the specified figure, axes, or chart with data source properties.

refreshdata(target,workspace) specifies the workspace where the data source properties are evaluated.


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Refresh charted data to reflect changes in workspace variables.

First, plot some data and return a Line object.

x = linspace(0,8);
y = sin(x);
ln = plot(x,y);

Identify the data sources for the chart by setting the XDataSource and YDataSource properties of the Line object. Then, modify y. Update the chart by calling refreshdata.

ln.XDataSource = 'x';
ln.YDataSource = 'y';
y = sin(3.*x);


Refresh charted data for a specific line and leave other lines unchanged.

First, plot two sets of polar data and return the Line objects.

theta = linspace(0,2*pi);
rho1 = sin(theta);
rho2 = -sin(theta);

px = polaraxes;
hold on;
ln1 = polarplot(theta,rho1);
ln2 = polarplot(theta,rho2);

Set the RDataSource property for each line. Then, modify rho1 and rho2.

ln1.RDataSource = 'rho1';
ln2.RDataSource = 'rho2';

rho1 = 0.5*sin(theta);
rho2 = 0.5*cos(theta);

Update only the first line by using ln1 as the input argument to refreshdata. Note that the second line remains unchanged.


Input Arguments

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Target object, specified as a Figure object, Axes object, PolarAxes object, GeographicAxes object, or chart object with data source properties. For example, Line objects have an XDataSource and YDataSource property.

Workspace where data source properties are evaluated, specified as one of these values:

  • 'base' — Evaluate data source properties in the base workspace.

  • 'caller' — Evaluate data source properties in the workspace of the function that called refreshdata.

If you set data source properties of variables that are not in the base workspace, then you must specify the workspace option as 'caller'.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a