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Convert occupancy map to matrix


mat = occupancyMatrix(map) returns probability values stored in the occupancy grid object as a matrix.

mat = occupancyMatrix(map,'ternary') returns the occupancy status of each grid cell as a matrix. The OccupiedThreshold and FreeThreshold properties on the occupancy grid determine the obstacle free cells (0) and occupied cells (1). Unknown values are returned as –1.

Input Arguments

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Map representation, specified as a occupancyMap object. This object represents the environment of the vehicle. The object contains a matrix grid with values representing the probability of the occupancy of that cell. Values close to 1 represent a high probability that the cell contains an obstacle. Values close to 0 represent a high probability that the cell is not occupied and obstacle free.

Output Arguments

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Occupancy grid values, returned as an h-by-w matrix, where h and w are defined by the two elements of the GridSize property of the occupancy grid object.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2019b