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Share parameters with the MATLAB® workspace to avoid hard-coded values

To create easily modified constants within your Stateflow® chart, use parameters that have been defined in the MATLAB workspace or inherited from a Simulink® block parameter. When you use a masked subsystem with your Stateflow chart, you can change parameters before simulation.


Share Parameters with Simulink and the MATLAB Workspace

Define parameters to share constant data with Simulink models and the MATLAB base workspace.

Add Stateflow Data

Define the data that a chart stores internally in its own workspace.

Set Data Properties

Specify data properties by using the Property Inspector or the Model Explorer.

Manage Symbols in the Stateflow Editor

Add, delete, and trace nongraphical objects.

Create a Mask to Share Parameters with Simulink

Mask a Stateflow chart to customize appearance and initialize parameters.

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