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Compare first n characters of strings (case sensitive)


tf = strncmp(s1,s2,n) compares up to n characters of s1 and s2. The function returns 1 (true) if the two are identical and 0 (false) otherwise. Text is considered identical if the content of each is the same up to the end or the first n characters, whichever comes first.


The operator strncmp is supported only in Stateflow® charts that use MATLAB® as the action language.


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Return 1(true) if the two strings are identical.

h = "Hello, world!"
h2 = "Hello, world!!!!!!!!!!!!"
x = strncmp(h,h2,13)
x2 = strncmp(h,h2,14)

Stateflow chart that uses the srtncmp operator in a state.

Results from stateflow chart that uses the strncmp operator in a state.


Version History

Introduced in R2021b