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Display lifting scheme

Since R2021a



    disp(lscheme) displays the properties of the lifting scheme lscheme:

    • Wavelet name

    • Lifting steps

    • Lowpass filter coefficients

    • Normalization factors

    The function also displays the properties of each lifting:

    • Type of step

    • Laurent polynomial coefficients

    • Maximum order of the corresponding Laurent polynomial


    To display a lifting scheme created using liftwave, see displs.


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    Create a lifting scheme associated with the db3 wavelet.

    lsc = liftingScheme('Wavelet','db3');

    Display the lifting scheme properties.

     	 Wavelet               : 'db3' 
    	 LiftingSteps          : [4 × 1] liftingStep 
    	 NormalizationFactors  : [2.3155 0.4319] 
    	 CustomLowpassFilter   : [  ] 
     Details of LiftingSteps :
                Type: 'predict'
        Coefficients: -2.4255
            MaxOrder: 0
                Type: 'update'
        Coefficients: [-0.0793 0.3524]
            MaxOrder: 1
                Type: 'predict'
        Coefficients: [2.8953 -0.5614]
            MaxOrder: -1
                Type: 'update'
        Coefficients: 0.0198
            MaxOrder: 2

    Input Arguments

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    Lifting scheme, specified as a liftingScheme object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a