Matlab R2014A blurry on high-dpi windows device

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Raffaele le 9 Mai 2014
I'm running matlab on a 1080p 10" device, and i'm facing a few problems with the resolution of the windows. The whole window is blurry (check the attached images n°3 and n°5), and if i try to run for example simmechanics, matlab resizes the text in a way that each character is so small it's almost impossible to read (check the attached image n°4).
Since this makes matlab almost unusable, how may i fix this?
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Raffaele le 10 Mai 2014
There are no updates for my video drivers, but i don't think it would change anything.
hlk le 12 Sep 2014

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 6 Oct 2014
This is fixed in R2014b (the general release, not the prerelease).
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Eric G.
Eric G. le 8 Fév 2015
It seems like this is still a problem in R2014b (running on Windows 8.1 with a high-dpi display), and I can't find any mention of it being fixed in the release notes. Furthermore, Process Explorer still shows the MATLAB.exe process DPI Awareness is "Unaware".
How did you fix the problem with R2014b?

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Brian le 24 Nov 2014
Modifié(e) : Brian le 24 Nov 2014
It is a problem of the auto-scaling of the application in Windows. Just right click the application symbol, and disable display scaling on high DPI settings. Here are some screenshots of how to do it:
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Michael Atsma
Michael Atsma le 13 Avr 2015
I'm currently running R2015a and the problem is not resolved yet, but this solution did the job. I should add that, when you right-click the application, you have to click 'Properties' and go to the 'Compatibility' tab. There you can check the box.
Thanks Brian :)
Maria Rengifo
Maria Rengifo le 10 Juil 2015
This worked for me too! Thanks Brian

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Bora Eryilmaz
Bora Eryilmaz le 10 Mar 2015
There is a workaround now available in R2015a release of MATLAB that partially resolves the issues with blurriness and sizing of the MATLAB Desktop on Windows platform. The workaround patch can be downloaded from Bug Report ID 1054442.
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Yioryos Kalantzis
Yioryos Kalantzis le 11 Oct 2016
This is the only solution that worked for my case! Im using Win 10 64bit, I had tried a lot of things but only the patch offered for "Bug Report ID 1054442" worked. Thanks a lot Bora!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 10 Mai 2014
I don't see anything blurry. What's blurry? Do you mean the folder names in the Current Folder panel being gray? That's just because those folders are not on the search path. Otherwise say what text or images are blurry and tell us if it's like that for other programs too.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 10 Mai 2014
Honestly it looks pretty sharp to me. But what that tells me is that the blur is not in the digital image, it must be in the display itself. You can only capture and save, from the device, the digital version. But the display may be blurring it upon display. If you took a photo of it with a handheld microscope and compare that to what it looks like in the screen capture, then there might be a difference.
Anyway, it looks like a device problem, not a MATLAB problem.
Raffaele le 10 Mai 2014
Modifié(e) : Raffaele le 11 Mai 2014
Ok, this is not a device problem since any device with a high-dpi display will have these problems: for more informations here: and here In the end this is Matlab fault, in particular the second part where it ignores Windows text size settings.

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Sargondjani le 25 Fév 2016
Two things did it for me: 1. go to matlab/bin and right click application, choose compatibility and check "disable scaling on high dpi" Now letters are very small in the editor. 2. Adjust font size under "file", "preferences"

Xiongzhe le 18 Nov 2016
Thanks Sargondjani, it really works for me.
the remaining problem is the font in the toolbar is really small, any idea?


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