Can I automatically regconize function call and execute it in editbox of a GUI.

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Dear All,
I have several functions such as: add1(a,b)= a*b -a; ...addn(a,b), I want to make an application with GUI, which includes an editbox and a textbox. In the editbox I can write a series of command functions :add1(a,b),.. addn(a,b) and show the result in the text box. For example I write in the editbox: add1(5,3); add4(2,3);add3(1,2)... And program will execute those functions and display the result. In this case do I have to analyze the written text to analyze which function is called, and read its parameter one by one? Summary, I want my edit box has character like the command line of MATLAB, is it possible? or do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you so much.

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Hienbn on 17 May 2014
Yes,eval or evalin is the point. Thank you so much.

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Yao Li
Yao Li on 16 May 2014
  1. Find the location of ";" by using the command strfind
  2. Seperate the functions (ie. you need to run add1(5,3) first, then add4(2,3))
  3. Execute the function by using the command eval or evalin
  4. Covert the result to a string type array/cell/structure
  5. Display the results


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